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LDR couples facing problems because of the ongoing Corona virus.

The Corona virus is currently ongoing and has disrupted the travel industry. People who need to travel by airplane to meet their long distance love are facing problems if their flight is involved with or transferring from or into China.

We did a survey from our Facebook Group to see how much long distance couples deal with this case or what problems they have.

Some of our Facebook Group followers aren’t been effected by this virus as their long distance partner is still locally or do not use flights via or to China. Others said that there is visible fear to be at the airport to mingle around with other international passengers. One follower said: “The airport is actually a dangerous place”.

Another follower is waiting for his boyfriend to come over Philippines. The flight was actually booked with stop-over in China but now changed to a direct flight with extra costs, no compensation from airline. She said “Nothing will stop us, neither the distance or virus.”

One follower went to Taiwan to meet her boyfriend. They did not expect to wear masks every day once being outside or walking on the street, but luckily they can take it off once being back in the apartment. They are actually very happy to meet each other during the tough times and dedicate themselves to support each other during the virus outbreak.

Credits: LDRmindset Daily FB Group

Another respondent from the UK said that he is still in Philippines with his girlfriend. His flight suppose to be Cebu-Hong Kong-London, but the flight lane between Hong Kong to London might be cancelled, so its an uncertain period and required regularly monitoring of the flight status.

One respondent is very confident that everything will be fine. She said: “as long we take care of our health with strong resistance and proper prevention everything will be just fine ??? fighting” TeamLDR #LabanTeamLDR #GermanyPhilippines ????

Sad to say, another follower has bad luck. They were supposed to meet in Hong Kong on 21/FEB and later together to take the flight from Hong Kong (HKG) to Manila (MNL) Philippines on 24/FEB, but all of the sudden the flight is cancelled and there’s a flight ban in Philippines from the travelers coming from Hong Kong. Seems they have to spend more days together in Hong Kong or change their trip to somewhere else like a visit in other countries without flight ban like the Netherlands or Spain in Europe?

Another female respondent said: “nope my fiance is still coming in May for my daughter’s birthday and for our 1st anniversary”. That is so sweet!!! and hopefully the virus outbreak is being solved or at least in a progressive recovery stage.

Credits: Reymart Cayana Bernarte

Though its really bad but so far the partner of a Facebook group member will still coming here on 24/FEB to celebrate our 5 years Anniversary.? And he knows already what to do as he is aware about what is happening here in the Philippines. But for now, the direct flight from Australia to Manila is secured.

Valentines Day coming…

One respondent is worried about the most romantic day of the year. She said: my bf is supposed to arrive Feb 10 to celebrate Valentines day with me but his flight had been cancelled because he has a stopover in China. Because of this we’re going to postpone our date in April instead for celebrating our 1st anniversary..still happy though.?

Let us know how much impact the Corona virus has on your relationship by commenting us below at comments section!


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  1. Same thing here. No choice but cancel the flight because plane has stop over in Beijing China and we already booked almost everything. So the best thing to do is book another flight on different airline.

  2. I already booked a return ticket from London to Manila this coming May to June 2020. I am just worried that it might not happen due to what is happening at present. My fiancee and I are planning to get married at the end of this year back home. That is why, I am planning to go back around month of May to sort out and prepare for our wedding. It’s also worrying thinking that we are at the opposite side if the world. Well, he is really worried as the cases here in London increased drastically than in the Philippines. I just hope that it will be sorted out as soon as possible with appropriate preventative measures, management of symptoms and correct treatment. So we will be able to be with each other.

  3. booked ticket to San Francisco but luckily can have refund from airline. We know everyday do video call and relationship get stronger because we both worry so much of this outbreak 🙁

  4. it’s been 4 months now and counting since the last time, I was with my boyfriend. I am living in Australia and he is in Oman as his business is there. We communicate everyday but of course being with him in person. is absolutely no comparison missing him so much. but I will still wait until this pandemic will be over soon, and the borders will be open again. as I know waiting for him is so much worth it.

  5. After 15 years of seperation, we got married last year in the Philippines. I went back to Canada, and he went back to his work as seafarer. Planning for a church wedding this december,but Covid 19, ruined it all, since no crew change until now and no international flights going in and out of the Philippines as well as here in Canada???. Praying that this will be over so soon?

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