What if your ex wants you back?

First is to identify the reason of the break-up.

Find out why your ex wants you back?

Check his behaviour during the separation, e.g. if he had a relationship with another woman and how he had lived his life during that period.

Evaluate your feelings after the conversation(s).

Don’t make decisions based on the past, as the good memories you both used to have should not be the measurement of accepting him back.

Ask yourself if you want to forgive him?

Find out why you want or don’t want him back?

If you decide to give him a new chance…

Take things slowly

Don’t expect your relationship be the same

Work on issues, Just because you and your ex have decided to give it another chance, it doesn’t mean that all of your problems have been erased or resolved.

And then leave it behind…Don’t carry your emotional baggage.

And most important… Once you resolve a certain problem, don’t go back to it every time you disagree on something else. There is no point in seeking revenge.

If you decide NOT to give him a new chance…

Stick on your decision and make sure no contact anymore

Focus on healing and go out with friends, have fun and enjoy the life. Be grateful with the friends and family you have.

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