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Being lucky that my busy man still updating me all the time.

Cover Model: Rona Jin Acapulco

1. Which country are you from and your bf?

– We are both from the Philippines but we’re LDR because he is a seafarer.

2. What did he do to you which make you feel crazy in love to him?

-As an LDR communication is very important, as a busy man he updates me all the time. It makes me feel secure, also he gave me an assurance that makes me even more in love with him.

3. What are your plans to close the distance? For example move to his country to settle down?

– For now we don’t have plans for settling down because as of the moment we have different priorities but time will come that we’ll settle down. We will be together again next year soon in Gods perfect time.

4. What is your Top 3 advice you can give to other girls who are also in a LDR?

-First, TRUST your partner. Second, do not make him feel that you are not there specially when he needs you the most. And lastly, let God be the centre of your relationship.

5. Describe your long distance boyfriend in 3 different words 😃.

-My LDR boyfriend is a hard-working man, family oriented and a loving person. 😊

6. Last but not least, what is the most sweetest thing he did for you? 😉

-The most sweetest thing he did for me is when he fly from manila to where i am just to see me and surprised me on our monthsary. 😊


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