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Sharing  you our timeline Andreas&Joy LoveStories #Throwback

FRIENDS TO BEST FRIENDS for 10 years(constant communication just like very good buddies)  AND FINALLY LOVE STORY( now we are almost 4 years in half happily inLOVE)

Since 2007 a friendship has begun  

and extraordinary love story a solid friendship foundation and became a beautiful love story started on 2017

simple advice to those who are still single and still waiting for the right one. get to know your partner first, much better to be friends first and enjoy your friendship no need to rush things take it slow build a good friendship relationship. Getting to know each other then after a time the magic will just happen at the right time and at the right place .. you can say he is THE ONE

hope we can inspire you with our little fairytale actually our love story wasn’t really expected relationship coz before i never intended to be in an LDR relationship which my boyfriend knows about it before coz for me it will never work out but he was the one who changes my negative perceptions and he was the one who proves it that it will work out coz until now even how long we are now together he never change, he even change more and more showing me that he will do everything triple the efforts and all the love I get im lucky I’m in love with my best friend
The year 2007 can you imagine we meet online on lokalisten website with my german boyfriend! And we started talking and 3 months after he told me he like me but I declined him (because I’m in a relationship and my purpose on that website is just to know different cultures and always wanted to prove also that not all the time you’re on a site you always look for a boyfriend/girlfriend my point is you can just have a genuine friendship) and we decided to become just friends for so very long to best friends since the year 2007 – 2017 with open communication talking about everything happening with our own separate lives and crazy exezzz lovelifesszzz lol!..but we never meet personally we have our own separate lives and love lives but still we updated each other (skype, yahoo messenger, Facebook,lokalisten) it amazes me for so very long physically we change a lot but a very very good foundation of friendship! The year 2017 is the year I gave my yes to him to be his girlfriend! Because this time I’m already available (which he always tried saying to me before too when he and his ex don’t work out he will always say to me why can’t just be YOU, ever since I always want you, you are always the one who pushes me to look for another girl which my reason to him is I’m sorry I’m committed to someone and I can only give you a genuine friendship but he still didn’t give up till I was available he always waited and waited) and he decided to fly to the Philippines to meet me after 10 years (but of course 10 years ago when were just best friends he also tried asking me that can he visit me in the Philippines but still I declined him, I told him I’m sorry if you come to visit Philippines I can not still hang out with you and tour you around Bohol coz how would you feel if you were my boyfriend if ever and I will meet another guy which literally a best friend to me would you feel comfortable or happy? And also because at that moment I have a super crazy jealous ex-boyfriend that time which is normal in a relationship and I was just avoiding arguments I told him some other time or maybe at the right time you bring your girlfriend here in the Philippines and I will show you around at that time (in short our exes didn’t work out to both of us or was just not meant to be) having him as my best friend for so very long he was always there all the time thru ups and downs and even give advice with each others relationship with our exes before. We talk about everything! Like normal best friends! he was there when I’m down or my world was really broken and I was there too on his downfall. I even ask for space when i was already available to give me time to not contact me so I can examine my feelings give me a month or two if what i feel for you is true then he really waited, his patience was really beyond compare.  Never ever I regret that I’ve gave my heart to him this time so happy after all these years he was there all while I never ever experience this kind of love and relationship for the very first time ever that there will be someone who will love you so much beyond what you expected his efforts and patience and sincerity is so amazing! And he is a blessing to me from up above he is worth a wait and forever for keeps

A simple piece of advice to all single, in a relationship just don’t rush things take it slow, what is meant to be will be, it is worth a wait. Women do efforts too not only our partner. make them happy, appreciate them always, value them. Surprise them! (I’m very good at it with surprises!) Treat them!  Right now I’m finishing my last year of my bachelor’s degree as a nursing student, next we will close the distance very soon fly to him, I will find a stable job for our little family in the future coz I want also to build our future not only HIM doing everything to provide our needs in our lil family but Together Me and HIM . Keep fighting LDRteam imagine if your partner is fighting together with you too just imagine how you will succeed in the endSarap kaya lumaban sa isang relation na alam din natin na pinaglalaban din tayo Godbless you all! Stay safe!

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