7 types of kisses. Which kiss is your favorite?

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Kissing the Hand

A good way for men to show interest in a girl

Single Lip Kiss

Its sexy and shows intimacy and want more

French Kiss

It’s THE kiss for lovers, most passionate and erotic. You need to use your tongue which gives you the heat of love

Kissing the Neck

Kissing on the neck means you love your partner and want to take things forward. Don’t do it on the first date. Neck kissing comes at a later stage when you guys are comfortable with each other and have a great physical chemistry. Even then, start slow. The most sensitive part of the neck is part that connects the neck and shoulder.

Spiderman Kiss

The scene where Spiderman kisses Mary Jane is etched in everybody’s mind and it is one of the most romantic types of kisses. No, you do not have to hand from a tree for this. You can kiss your partner in that upside down position in your bed or on the couch. This kiss lets you feel the breath of your partner.

Earlobe Kiss

Girls love it when their partners kiss them on their ears. Ears are sensitive and kissing it will surely turn her on.

Eskimo Kiss

For many the cutest of all kisses. It is all about rubbing noses. It is light and fun. Couples express their love by doing Eskimo kiss.

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