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How I met my boyfriend and get married in London.

Cover Model: Estelita Castro Walsh

I met him whilst I’m working in a hostel and he travelled around Asia. I had two different job locations and when he stayed first in our hostel by next day I had to switch to another location.
My friend told him to go with me because the place is very relaxing and then he agreed to follow me in my second job location and stayed for 5 days without knowing he found more than paradise in that place! He courted me ask to be his girlfriend but nothing serious for me because I know he travelled a lots after staying 5 days he had another place to visit in Philippines (which is Bohol).
I don’t give hope with him because I know what will happen next (he might find another Filipina). But after his trip in Bohol, he booked a flight going back to meet me again. After his vacation in the Philippines, he need to go back to his home place
and after days pass I go back to my home place as well (in Ormoc Leyte).

Then we start to have a LDR for one year, it’s not that smooth because of this pandemic restrictions he not was able to meet my family. Then we decided to get the UK visa last December 2020 and luckily the visa was approved. Then my plane ticket was cancelled by the last minute after next day the UK announced total lockdown.

After lockdown, I finally went to the UK. I never expected that my travel from visa to immigration and arrival in the UK was easy, as what I heard of some issues for Filipina who travelled to another country to met their partner.
When arriving in UK,  I had to quarantine including many restrictions the following month.

The wedding day was cancelled because of pandemic and I started to concern about my visa which went to expire. But we need to get married before I went back to the Philippines.  
We stayed home and after two months I found out I was pregnant.

I was becoming a mother! 😀
My pregnancy went healthy and with full of love.

Few months passed and we were able to get wedding date, which was 05th Junie 2021, and now I am the happiest woman in the world!

I have a man in my life and blessed because we’re having a baby boy.
Because of my pregnancy I am not able to go back in Philippines while we applied another visa and luckily Visa approved again 😊.

Currently 35 weeks pregnant and the biggest lesson I learned in a relationship is to stay patient and appreciate with your beloved ones with love and care.

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