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Is it bad to talk to your LDR boyfriend everyday

Cover model: Michelle Duenas

People have often asked me how much should one talk to their partner or see when they are in an LDR? Well, there is no perfect answer to that. Every relationship is unique in its own way.

Every couple deals with distance in a different way. And there are no hard and fast rules for a relationship either. Eventually, it’s the two of you who make it or break it.

However, LDR requires a little bit more extra effort and commitment from both sides. Since largely the communication is technology-based and there is no actual meeting with your partner or lack of physical presence, many couples are afraid of this kind of relationship. And this fear has often led to the failure of a LDR.

So, how often should you communicate with each other in a LDR? Talking every day to each other is important in a LDR to keep yourself updated about your partner’s life. Also, daily communication helps to avoid many problems.

But if talking daily is difficult, then thrice a week is sufficient. Weekends are also great to catch up with your LDR partner.

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