The 6 reasons why people cheat in relationships

Emotional distance between you and your partner

When there is emotional distance between you and your partner, they might try to seek the intimacy and closeness of another instead to compensate for it.

Living in an environment where cheating is standardized

If your partner was exposed to a lot of unfaithfulness as they were growing up, it’s likely that they will see it as normal or acceptable behaviour.

Your partner got bored in a relationship

When someone is feeling bored in a relationship, then they might find the boundaries what supposed not to do even they know it is wrong.

Approaching the quarter or mid-life crisis

It’s always normal for people to go through a kind of mid or quarter-life crisis. However, not everyone is going to be able to cope with their crisis in a healthy manner. Sometimes, in an effort to preserve and hold on to their youth, people will resort to cheating on their partners just to shake things up a little bit.

Your partner may not be sexual satisfied by you

If your partner feels unsatisfied in their sexual life, they might seek satisfaction elsewhere. They will try to go outside to look for something that they can’t seem to get from you.

Your partner may lack of confidence or self-esteem

Sometimes a partner is going to lack in confidence and self-esteem in a relationship. It can happen to even the best of us. And when that is left unaddressed or unresolved, people might actually cheating as a way of boosting their egos a little bit. It’s their way of feeling wanted.

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