Signs That Your Long Distance Relationship Is Not Going To Work

1. Your S/O isn’t consistent in what they tell you

“Make sure they’re being consistent in what they’re telling you. [If you’re worried], get them to tell you about their nights out, show an over-interest… if they’re [overly] defensive, they [might] not be with who they say they are with.”

2. The relationship gets boring and static

“When you are both just going through the notions, there is no intimacy. Love can’t ever be enough, loads of things are connected to it. You can love each other but you are only as good as your current relationship.”

3. He doesn’t do the small things anymore

“Go with your heart and your mind. A relationship is based on trust and reassurance; when calls become shorter and shorter and he stops sending you little presents [or behaving like he used to], the reassurance fades.”

4. He doesn’t want to talk for as long

“The way to sustain a long distance relationship is through regular contact.”

5. Behavioral changes

“Nobody wants to be lonely so it’s normal to find new friends when you’re away but big behavioral changes should ring alarm bells. If he isn’t telling you about his new hobbies and new friends, it starts to build a rift between you two.”

6. When he doesn’t show an interest anymore

“Take notice if he stops asking about your friends and family and if he stops asking about you and your life.”

7. The three-month glitch

“The honeymoon phase lasts three months, you’ll be sending cheeky messages during that time, too. If you feel differently after that time period and he isn’t talking to you in the same way, then that should ring huge alarm bells.”

8. You don’t talk about the future together

“If he isn’t talking about the future or organizing future plans with you, this is a red flag. Everyone needs to feel loved and cherished; it’s equally as bad if you’re not talking about things you have already done together or past dates. If he isn’t interested in making plans to see you and you’re always looking forward to the next time you see him, it’s an issue.”

9. You’re full of doubt

“This creates an imbalance, especially if one person is expecting more than the other. You should always give someone a chance but you need to think if you want this in the future.”

10. There’s no trust—or jealousy

“There is a fine line between the two. The most important thing is trust. People can have bad days so you should give him space for a few days; but also, if there is no jealously when you’re going out where there will be other men, then that’s a sign your partner isn’t caring anymore.”

11. When he starts to build a life without you

“It comes back to reassurance again. Watch social media. Don’t stalk him but pay attention to other people’s clues. Has he talked about the people in his photos? Have you heard about the people leaving comments?”

12. He gets busier and busier

“Men can be quiet and try to avoid confrontation. They can also get snappy just as quickly as females. If they’re finding excuses to not talk to you or reply, you should take that as a sign.”


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